Energy Cost Control

Donaldson offers a range of collector accessories that are engineered to improve efficiency, save energy, guarantee high product quality and enhance your production processes.



STi and STi ODC-TC Timers

STi and STi ODC-TC Controllers are a key element of dust collector maintenance, measuring pressure drop across the filters to determine when servicing is needed. Recommended for all continuous-duty dust collection systems, STi and STi ODC-TC controllers monitor pressure drop so that filters are cleaned only when necessary, reducing compressed air usage and prolonging filter life.

Ecogate Industrial Ventilation Control

Ecogate® technology provides energy efficient industrial ventilation achieving highest possible energy savings for dust, fume and trim systems. Reducing energy ratings by 50% - 80%, depending on application and improving ventilation system function by providing automatic, on-demand ventilation.

This technology is currently saving energy for the following industries: wood products, pharmaceuticals, print, welding, ceramics, metals and food processing, manufacturing, education and government sectors.



Spark Cooler

The Spark Cooler is ideally suited to mitigate sparks generated in metal and other low-load material processing applications, under non-explosive conditions. It does this by cooling and arresting sparks without water or chemical injection and destratifies temperature and cools local hot spots. The Spark Cooler also reduces burn damage to filter media and reduces duct and dust collector damage.