PowerCore CP Series Dust Collectors

PowerCore® CP Series collectors with PowerCore filter packs are changing the way we collect dust and they are available only from Donaldson®. PowerCore technology has proven itself in other industries for nearly 10 years and is ready to make the baghouse collector obsolete.

Smaller. Smarter.

cpless_maintenance.jpgIt's smart to switch to a PowerCore CP Series dust collector. It uses significantly smaller and more powerful filter packs than baghouses, provides better dust collection, requires less steel, saves transportation costs, and lowers operational costs. The key is PowerCore filter packs.


Combining Donaldson 's proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® surface-loading technology with a rugged fluted-media configuration, PowerCore filter packs last longer, clean easier, lower emissions, and eliminate bridging.


ToritPowerCoreCP50smaller.jpgAnd just how small is PowerCore? A stand-alone PowerCore CPC Series dust collector is 50% smaller than a traditional baghouse and a CPV bin vent collector is up to 70% smaller than other bag bin systems. With PowerCore, you can save space, install at point of use, eliminate ductwork and replace a large central dust collector. Tired of changing big, dirty filter bags? One 7" PowerCore filter pack replaces six 8' standard fabric filter bags. Removed with one hand and no tools in minutes—not hours or days—PowerCore filter packs save time, maintenance and money. Stand-Alone PowerCore CPC stand-alone dust collectors, available in a range of airflows from 700 to 33,000 cfm, use less floor space and fit into tight spaces. Bin Vent PowerCore CPV bin vent systems, with airflows of 450 to 8,200 cfm, deliver more powerful technology in a much smaller package. These bin vents can be installed at point-of-use on silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers.