Panel Filters

Use the Right Panel Filter for your application

HEPA and 95% DOP panel filters dramatically improve the quality of air, but each are designed to meet different application requirements. Here are some guidelines to help you select which panel filter will best meet your needs.


HEPA Panel Filters

95% Panel Filters

​Higher filtration efficiency: 99.97% on 0.3 micron particles (emits three-0.3 micron particles per 10,000 particles)

95% on 0.3 micron particles (emits 500-0.3 micron particles per 10,000 particles

Exhaust airstream is near breathing zone

​Heavy loading applications

​Lighter loading applications

​Exhaust airstream is not near breathing zone

Visible emissions are unacceptable

Customer specified 95% DOP level filtration

​Customer specified HEPA level filtration


Take a Closer Look at our Panel Filter Products

    •    High density urethane gaskets
    •    Interlocking and sealed dovetail corners
    •    Single gasket design allows the filter to be installed with the gasket either upstream or downstream depending on application

Built-In Handles
    •    For easier maintenance

Lightweight Aluminum
    •    Provides built-in corrosion resistance
    •    Resists swelling in moist conditions
    •    Less weight than wood board, galvanized, or stainless steel frames

Expanded Metal Liners
    •    Reinforced squareness and rigidity in frame construction
    •    Protects filter media from damage

Proven Separator Pack Design
    •    Creates uniform flow channels
    •    Every pleat has positive separation

Filter Media
    •    Our HEPA and 95% DOP medias both outperform the leading competitors
    •    Proprietary, premium materials
    •    Non-glass fiber content provides greater media strength
    •    Enhanced oil loading capabilities in both HEPA and 95% DOP

Urethane Potting Compound
    •    Media pack is securely attached to the frame interior