GDS Static Air Filter Systems

Donaldson GDS series static air filter systems protect gas turbine compressor and generator sets in a variety of operating environments, both urban and industrial.

How It Works

The GDS filter system has air inlets on two sides, covered by weather hoods with moisture eliminator panels that eliminate 99.5% of droplets larger than 60um from the incoming airstream.

Banks of filter cartridge pairs provide high-efficiency barrier filtration against dust, pollen, dirt and other airborne particulate. Donaldson filters have proven 99.9% efficient at removing AC fine test dust, while still providing long filter life.

Standard GDS filter elements are made with Donaldson's proprietary synthetic media, which provides high efficiency and long life.



CFS Static Air Filter Systems

The Donaldson Composite Filter System (CFS) has a two-stage cylindrical filter element configuration with an inner and an outer filter that work together as a composite design. The inner filter is made of depth-loading filter media that can range in efficiency from G4 to F8 and the outer filter employs Donaldson’s patented SpiderWeb® XP nano-fibre filter technology.
Additionally this filter system employs an upstream Donaldson Pre-filter in a 24 x 24 x 4” configuration in either a beverage board or Polyurethane re-usable panel providing a three stage filtration system designed and used on LM6000 engines.